Steel Door Fire Rating

20-Minute fire rated approval with Intertek (listing #56746) for composite bottom rail steel doors.

Novatech Canada Inc. 20-Minute Foam Filled Fire Doors Single Swing


Steel Faced 24 gauge, polyurethane core type, (Flush or simulated Panel Type) Models N300, N325 & N600, Single Swing door for installation in up to 20 minute locations. A field-applied edge sealing system is required. Please refer to the individual manufacturer’s Category G listing for limitations.


Cylindrical latches with maximum 2-3/4″ backset, 5″ on center with dead bolt / Surface mounted Vertical Rod fire exit devices / Rim type fire exit devices / Surface mounted cIoser’s / Surface mounted door bottom.

Maximum Size
Single Swing: 36″ X 80″


Product Product Approval No.
Steel Door “Glazed
Steel Door “Opaque”
FL No. 20873

View or download a pdf: SDReport_Listing_25371.pdf