About RSL

Our History: RSL was founded as a family business over 50 years ago. It’s founder Bernd Lewkowitz named the company after his children, Ron & Sharon and worked diligently by reinvesting nearly all profits.  RSL was one of the first companies to supply exterior doors with doorglass and developed injection molded frames, which factored prominently in RSL’s prosperity.

In June of 2019 RSL joined the Novatech Group, a leader in Canada and Europe of the manufacture of components for the door and window industry.  RSL retained its name as a subsidiary of the Novatech Group and now offers steel entry doors as well as an expanded selection of doorglass.  For more information on the Novatech Group please visit www.groupenovatech.com/en_united_states/

Our Mission: We are committed to manufacturing energy efficient & beautifully designed exterior doors and doorglass.

Our Vision: Develop new markets while being recognized for innovation, quality and execution.

Core Values:
   •  Respectful Communication
   •  Care for the Environment
   •  Strive for Innovation
   •  Respect Deadlines
   •  Maintain Health and Safety
   •  Encourage Teamwork

RSL Facilities / Locations