Hurricane Impact Doorglass - RSL Doorglass

Hurricane Impact Doorglass

High Velocity Hurricane Zone

Approved Doorglass

Hurricane Impact & Protector use laminated glass for approved High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) installations, sound transmission reduction and home security!

Satisfies These HVHZ Requirements
  Design pressure and wind and missile impact code requirements for HVHZ areas
  Laminated glass tests (ASTM C11172)

Features and Benefits
  Missile impact tested and approved!
  Attractive smooth vinyl frame, ideal for beautiful homes
  Snap-on cap covers all screws
  Fits 2’6”, 2’8” and 3’0” doors with normal cutouts
•  Meets high velocity hurricane zone code requirements #FL15419
  Eliminates the need for hurricane shutters
  Easy to paint or stain
  Added value of noise reduction
  Available in Clear, Low-E, Bronze, Gray, Turtle or decorative glass
  Maintenance Free

Shaker Impact Frame
Florida Building Approval FL#15419

Hurricane Impact Decorative

Commodity • Internal Blinds • Internal Grills • Turtle Glass