Covid-19 Saftey Rules in Excel Spreadsheet
Thank You Letter Word Document

July 24, 2020

Open Enrollment for RSL’s Employee Benefits begins today 07/24/20 and runs through 08/07/20.  Please review the Benefits Summary pdf (RSL_Annual_Open_Enrollment.pdf), complete the final page and return to Daniela (daniela@rslinc.com) or Louise (louisem@rslinc.com) no later than 08/07/20. 

Click on the link below to view a webinar from our benefits provider with detailed information on RSL Open Enrollment.

Please contact Daniela or Louise with any questions.

April, 17 2020

To all employees,

In these extraordinary times, we are focused on three essential goals: your health & safety, supplying our customers, and complying with government orders. We sincerely appreciate your dedication and support. We have implemented the following procedures and urge you to share them with your family so that everyone feels informed and secure.

• One extra paid personal day earned for every full week of work (this is a 25% pay raise)
• Overtime opportunities offered
• Excellent health benefits, including Teladoc, needed now more than ever
• Flexible personal policies
• 2 free lunches provided each week

Health & Safety
• All production work areas are regularly disinfected
• Gloves and face masks are available
• Regular handwashing (with soap and water)
• Maintain 6’ social distancing as recommended by the CDC guidelines
• All meetings are cancelled and no visitors are allowed in the building
• Access to break rooms is limited to small groups
• Temperatures are monitored daily to make sure that no one reports to work while sick
• Anyone that has had any COVID-19 symptoms must stay home in self-quarantine and is encouraged to get medical care
• Management contacts you at home to ensure that you are safe and healthy

April 8, 2020


Dear friends and coworkers,

I have spoken to most of you and also wish to put in writing my thanks, appreciation and admiration for the tremendous job that you are all doing. Please share this message with the rest of your team whose emails I do not have. These are extraordinary times that no one could predict or fully prepare for. Nevertheless, RSL’s leadership did plan for the uncertainties of an emergency. Our Business Continuity Plan prepared us in many ways to react quickly and intelligently to an emergency. Now we are adapting that Plan for a health crisis.

Your safety continues to be our top priority. Therefore, our office is working remotely and doing an incredible job of fulfilling all purchasing, accounting, marketing, and customer service tasks smoothly. And Novatech has assisted us in establishing stringent safety procedures for our production facilities. Our team in Ohio continues to do an amazing job fulfilling our customer’s orders. I truly describe them as loyal, brave and dedicated. Orders are surprisingly high and our customers rely on us now more than ever before. As our competitors close their facilities, RSL becomes even more valued in everyone’s eyes. Our coworker that contracted COVID19 has recovered and is now resting at home. On Monday, if everyone else from Fernwood’s production team stays healthy, we will reopen that facility.

Since most of Novatech’s facilities remain closed by order of the Quebec government, except for a few that can still supply the U.S. market, we are the major success story in the Novatech Group. You should be incredibly proud of that accomplishment. You deserve all of the credit! Our success is resting fully on your shoulders and I urge you all to maintain the safest possible strategies to remain healthy. We anticipate that next week, we will be able to establish a website dedicated to sharing news with all Novatech and RSL employees.

With sincere thanks,