Attractive Flat Shaker Frame with IdealSeal

RSL is pleased to announce our NEW S-Frame.  This new low-profile frame provides homeowners a contemporary look without sacrificing any of the durability and reliability of our traditional injection molded frame (R-Frame). 

  • Injection molded S-Frame has a smooth texture and is available in multiple sizes in white 1” one lights.
  • S-Frame* is available in white 1” one lights in the following sizes:

            20 x 64 | 22 x 64 | 7 x 64 | 22 x 48
            22 x 36 | 8 x 36 | 22 x 151/4 | 22 x 17

  • Extruded vinyl S-Frame has a woodgrain texture and is available in white or tan in any rectangular size


IdealSeal is RSL’s new, innovative sealant that is applied dry in order to eliminate squeeze-out. Additionally, IdealSeal is not sticky which prevents dirt adhesion and even allows for repositioning of the glass during installation!

 *Standard on S-Frame and decorative R-Frames.