Storm protection and beauty at your doorway!

Hurricane Impact Doorglass is certified for use in a range of entry system configurations to meet the most stringent Florida Building Code and Texas high velocity hurricane zone requirements. These entry systems also comply with the ICC standard for residential construction in high velocity regions.

Wherever coastal building codes require superior structural and impact performance, RSL’s Hurricane Impact doorglass provides the most attractive solution available today. Whereas other manufacturers rely on aluminum frames to meet the high velocity standards, RSL offers an extremely attractive and convenient vinyl frame. A snap on cap covers all screw hole plugs for a seamless appearance. The frame itself is smooth so that it matches all smooth steel and fiberglass doors, and is easy to paint or stain.

STC (Sound Transmission Class) is an established way to measure how much sound is stopped by a door. Higher STC values represent better noise reduction. Protector laminated glass helps to reduce sound, thus increasing the STC value which is ideal for multifamily housing, urban areas, and housing in close proximity to airports highways, or trains.

An added benefit, Protector doorglass is break-thru resistant; manufactured to stop a blow from a sledge-hammer! Protector is available as an upgrade on all commodity and decorative doorglass in any shape or size.